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Saving money when shopping online is now easier than ever before with Cashback World's Cashback Helper.

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With our eVoucher, we make shopping with Shopping Benefits even easier, faster and more mobile for you. 

Get your eVouchers at any time in the Cashback App and redeem them right away while shopping – fast and hassle-free! 

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“I love having a Cashback World Card because it gives me great Cashback and every week I can get money into my bank account once it reaches $15 and it’s automatically transferred.” 

“I was able to use my Cashback World Card overseas. I was in Prague, we had the opportunity to use my card at merchants over there, for restaurants and transport. I also booked my accommodation and airfares using Cashback World.” 

“I love checking the deals online and it’s easy to use so I can get Cashback on the purchases I would make anyway.” 

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So how does it work? 
See how in 60 seconds!

Be smart.

Shop clever. 

Get money back  
with every purchase!*